How to make Evil Witch Snow White Costume?

To make an Evil Witch costume from Snow White, there are some tips for you.

Black Dress: Find a long, black, flowing dress with a high collar. It should have long sleeves and fall to the ground.

Cape: The Evil Queen often wears a black cape with a red lining. You can make this by cutting a rectangular piece of black fabric, hemming the edges, and sewing a red lining to one side. Then, attach it to the back of your dress at the shoulders.

Crown: The Evil Witch Queen’s crown is an iconic part of her look. You can find a pre-made crown at a costume or party supply store, or make one by shaping wire into a circle and adding decorative elements like beads or rhinestones.

Necklace: The Evil Witch Queen wears a distinctive necklace that looks like a coiled snake. You can make one by painting a plastic snake gold or silver and attaching it to a chain.

Makeup: The Evil Queen has a dramatic makeup look with dark, smoky eyes and red lips. Use black eyeliner and eyeshadow to create a smoky effect, and apply red lipstick to finish the look.

Wig: The Evil Witch Queen has black hair styled in a dramatic updo. You can find a pre-made wig at a costume or party supply store, or style your own hair into an updo with plenty of volume.

Accessories: To complete the look, add a pair of black gloves and black boots or heels.

Once you have all the necessary items, put on the black dress and cape. Add the crown and necklace, and style your hair and apply your makeup. Slip on the gloves and shoes, and you’re ready to become the Evil Witch Queen from Snow White!

There are amazing Evil Witch Snow White Costumes as below. Just share with you for reference.

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