How to make Tiana Disney Princess Costume?

There are the steps how to make one Tiana costume.


Green fabric (satin or chiffon)
Dark green fabric (for the waistband)
Light green fabric (for the gloves)
Sewing machine
Pattern paper

Create a pattern: Draw a pattern for the Tiana Princess dress on pattern paper, based on the description of Princess Tiana’s dress. Make sure to include the sweetheart neckline, wide shoulder straps, and full skirt. Also include a separate pattern for the waistband.

Cut the fabric: Cut out the pieces for the costume and waistband from the green fabric, and cut the gloves from the light green fabric.

Sew the dress: Sew the pieces of the costume together, following the pattern you created. Hem the bottom of the skirt to the desired length.

Add the waistband: Sew the dark green waistband onto the dress, making sure it is centered and fits snugly around your waist.

Create the gloves: Cut two rectangles from the light green fabric, large enough to cover your arm up to the elbow. Sew the short sides of the rectangles together to create a tube, leaving a small opening at the top. Turn the gloves right side out, and hem the openings.

Add elastic to the gloves: Measure a piece of elastic around your upper arm, and sew it into the opening at the top of the gloves. This will help keep the gloves in place.

Try on the dress: Try on the Tiana costume to ensure it fits properly. If needed, make adjustments to the hem or the fit.

Style your hair: Style your hair in a sleek, low bun, and add a flower accessory to complete the look.

With these steps, you can create a beautiful Princess Tiana costume that is both elegant and functional. Remember to take your time and be patient with the sewing process, and have fun bringing this iconic Disney character to life.

There are main three Princess Tiana costumes in the movies. You can take a look.

Tiana Green Cosplay Costume
Tiana Blue Costume
Tiana Yellow Costume
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