What is your favourite detail about Encanto?

The story Encanto revolves around a family full of magic. From the generation of the grandmother, she got a candle that never goes out. And the unbelievable thing is the candle bestowed each member of the family with a different kind of magic. Grandma has three children, the eldest aunt can control the weather, the uncle can foretell the future, and the aunt who is the heroine – Mirabel’s mother can use food to heal people.

Mirabel with Mirabel Dress

However, when Mirabel was about to step into adulthood to receive the blessing of the candle, she did not receive any magical gifts. The grandmother secretly asked her uncle to foretell the future and hoped to understand what would happen.The uncle saw in a vision that the family would lose magics, and it is all related to the heroine Mirabel.

When Mirabel’s young cousin Antonio was about to step into adulthood, Mirabel saw their family house began to appear cracks. Mirabel wants to prove that she can save the family, so she embarks on a fantasy adventure.

Mirabel has two sisters. The eldest sister Luisa has great strength that people in the town always are helped by her strength. The second sister Isabela is a sweet sister, where he go, flowers will bloom to where. Isabela is a very perfect person.

However, when her magic was faded, Luisa felt her strength fade away. When she began to realize that she could not even lift the piano, she was actually very frightened and worried. She was worried that if she could no longer contribute her strength to the family and what was her value in the family?

The same situation also happened to the second sister. Grandmother helped her to arrange a marriage, but Isabella is not interested at all. When the heroine Mirabel went to her reconciliation, Isabela just discovered she was able to grow plants other than roses. At this moment she felt truly happy from her heart.

The expectations given by the family are certainly a form of affirmation. When we strive to excel, we feel the recognition given by the family. We see this affirmation as a form of love. Although we gradually feel the pressure of this expectation with our growing, we will still keep it and do not give up. Because perhaps holding o this pressure makes us feel at ease and familiar. We can not be sure that we deserve to be loved when we are no longer powerful or perfect.

Isabela and Isabela Encanto Dress

The heroine Mirabel has been regarded as a special member in the family because she does not have the magic. Although the members of the family love her very much, whenever they hold a big party, the grandmother always wants to hide her, as if her appearance will make the “seemingly perfect” family stain so much.

The same reason why the uncle hides is tht his visions of the future do not turn out to be in line with the expectations of the family members. The uncle is viewed with a bad god. And over time, the uncle also begins to hate his magic. In order to avoid his visions of the future coming true, he chooses to hide to assist the family.

I think there is a very special phenomenon in families that parents always want to pass everything they have on to their children. When children meets our expectations, we are proud of him/her. However, when he/she is different from what we expect, it is hard for parents to accept that.

Therefore, above all is my favourite detail about Encanto. Encanto costumes is from coserz (you can find them here ) Thank you very much for you time. If you like to share your opinions, please write it down in the feedback. I will read them and post your opinion. Thanks again!!!

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