Glinda wicked popular Dress

Many people, especially fans of “The Wizard of Oz,” appreciate and admire Glinda’s dress from the movie. The dress is a symbol of the magic and enchantment of the story, and is an iconic piece of costume design that has become synonymous with the character of Glinda.

The dress has been admired by audiences of all ages since the movie’s release in 1939, and has become a popular Halloween costume and cosplay option for fans. Its shimmering fabric, intricate details, and overall magical quality make it a beloved piece of costume design that continues to capture the imagination of people all over the world.

Celebrities have also shown appreciation for Glinda’s dress. In 2014, singer Katy Perry wore a dress inspired by Glinda’s costume to the Met Gala, complete with a sparkling tiara and long, flowing cape. Perry’s dress was a nod to the iconic character and her enduring popularity.

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Glinda Dress Classical style
Glinda Dress in Pink
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